brenda goerzen: artist
© 2010-2016 Brenda Goerzen
My current work started with a few photos I took of some footprints in a snowy park in London, England. The footprints in the snow were the only traces that people had once been there. This started an interesting rabbit-hole journey of abstraction using these footprints. The deeper I go, the more interesting the work gets for me. The footprints, isolated from their context, look very similar to islands. Living on an island, I have become sensitive to thoughts of isolation and connection. So, this pattern has provided a vocabulary to make my work, albeit obscure, about our existence as individuals dealing with our connections to each other, our planet, space, etc. This work has morphed into many forms, using different materials, yet the pattern remains consistent. Wander through these new pieces on wood, plastic and organza...